Introducing Vancouver Island Film Studios

Facility Space

A ) – 50 X 175 – 8,750 sq.ft. clear span / ceiling height: 24 ft.
B ) – 60 X 90 – 5,400 sq.ft. clear span / ceiling height: 32 ft.
C ) – 60 X 114 – 6,840 sq.ft. clear span/ ceiling height: 32 ft.

E ) – 60 X 125 – 7,500 sq.ft. clear span / ceiling height: 22 ft.
F ) – 50 X 125 – 6,250 sq.ft. clear span / ceiling height: 22 ft.
G ) – 50 X 125 – 6,250 sq.ft. clear span / ceiling height: 22 ft.

O ) – Main Office: 4,000 sq.ft.
D ) – Construction/Paint Shop: 4,900 sq. ft. including Mezzanine 
PS ) – Vancouver Island Production Services
Total Facility Space: 49,890 sq.ft.

Vancouver Island Film Studios Overview

We have a production service group on site to assist
productions at our Stages and throughout Vancouver Island.

Everything from lights and cables to grip gear,
camera and sound support. And much more, just ask!

Please have a look at the website for further details.
Click the logo and a new window will open for you!

Vancouver Island Production Services




INFilm provides liaison and location scouting services
to the film, television, commercial and new media industry
interested in filming on northern Vancouver Island.

Click the logo for all your crewing and location scouting needs!

How to find us!

We are located centrally on Vancouver Island near Parksville.
The surrounding township is called Oceanside.
Directly off the main Island Hwy we are easy to find and easy to get to.

The local Qualicum airport is under 15 minutes away.
The Nanaimo ferry and Float plane docks to Vancouver
are only 30 minutes away on our picturesque Island Highway.
The Courtney Airport is less than an hour away. 

The West Coast of the Island is a beautiful drive and only 2 1/2 hrs away.
Victoria, our provincial Capital, can be reached within 2 1/2 hrs as well.

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We would like to send out a special note to all the people interested in working here at the Studio.

We are grateful that so many have come forward offering their services, however we are not in charge of hiring for the shows that rent our space.

For those interested in working on shows that end up here, we recommend getting in touch with the fantastic folks at InFilm,
they have a database of all the available personnel on the Island and make sure all productions coming to the Island have access.

We also recommend getting in touch with your local union affiliations pertinent to the area you are wanting to get involved with.

Here are some links to assist the hunt!


InFilm – Vancouver Island North FIlm Commission

IATSE 891 – Film and Theater Technicians

IATSE 669 – Cinematographers Guild

ACFC – Asssociation of Canadian Film Crafts People

DGC – Directors Guild of Canada

UBCP/ACTRA – Alliance of Canadian Cinema, Television and Radio Artists

Ron Chiovetti – 1-250-729-1891
VI Film Studios

There is a sense you get when you walk into a truly quiet room.
It’s not so much what you do or don’t hear, although that’s part of it, it’s more of a feeling.
Yes, you can feel it! It’s what happens when you walk into a truly anechoic acoustic environment.

This is what I experienced when I toured the stages at the Vancouver Island Film Studio today.

In my career as a sound professional that has spanned years in the Film and Music industries,
I’ve had extensive experience working in both the best and worst sound situations.
I have recorded dialogue on dozens of movies and over 300 episodes of television.

It is my great pleasure to give my endorsement to the Vancouver Island Film Studios.
The attention they have given to the quality of the sound treatment on their stages is first class.

Kevin Sands CAS

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